Nathan Webb:

Also born and raised here in Sacramento, Nate is new to the world of cooking but has not wasted any time getting himself comfortable in the kitchen. Nate thinks of cooking as an art so he considers himself an artist during dinner service. His goal, to send out one masterpiece after another for you to enjoy. Even though 3 Fires Lounge is Nate's first cooking experience he is definitely making his mark here in Sacramento. You can also catch him outside of the kitchen playing with his local band Call me Ishmael.

Executive Chef Anthony Dimasuay:

Chef Anthony Dimasuay became one of the youngest Executive Chefs to hit the Sacramento restaurant scene at the age of 28. He attended the California Culinary Academy in San Francisco. Chef Anthony then gained entry to some local Sacramento kitchens which includes: Aioli Bodega Espanola, Moxie, Slocum House and mid town Mikuni's. He landed in Embassy Suites Tower Bridge Bistro as a pantry cook then worked his way up to Sous Chef in 2007. He then became the executive chef for the 3 Fires Lounge during mid October of 2008.

Chef Anthony's inspirations are mostly derived from his mother Elvira; who till this day still tries to boss him around in the kitchen at home. What also gave him his drive towards his culinary career are his wife and two children; who are also his test subjects for his cooking experiments; as he quotes, "are always successful and delicious".

His cuisine is not primarily focused on one country or region. His style of cooking consists of various global influences. He loves utilizing exotic herbs and spices and changing the perspective on Californian cuisine. While using classic techniques to refine each dish, at the same time he emphasizes using local and seasonal produce to enhance the flavors.